About Us

THRIVE is a non-profit movement founded to help people as they transition away from religion. THRIVE consults with mental health experts to provide best practices in finding new internal values which are congruent with new beliefs. THRIVE counts on volunteers to help deliver the knowledge and community that people desperately need after leaving religion.

THRIVE is LGBTQ+ affirming, and strives to create a culture of acceptance and unconditional love regardless of, race, beliefs, background, or status. THRIVE values female leadership, and strives for a bottom up, vs a top down leadership structure.

THRIVE provides 100% financial transparency, unlike most churches. Showing up and bringing your uniqueness is valued over any financial donations you may make. Any teachings and beliefs are based on psychology and are loosely held. THRIVE believes that you are enough. That you were born worthy. That your heart is uniquely divine, and your path is just as unique as you are.

THRIVE believes that we are stronger together than alone. But the fabric of a community is strongest when tied with many different threads. We celebrate your uniqueness. We desire to learn from you. We love and accept you just the way you are.

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Our most important policy is: Do no harm. We welcome all volunteers and participants. But please be aware that others may not share your firmly held beliefs. Learn to listen to the other side of an argument, and try to see where it comes from. Don’t force your beliefs on another, simply share a story of why you believe the way you do. And try to maintain an open mind and heart when they don’t get it.

Any leaders who work with youth will be required to undergo a background check. And policies are written to protect our youth. Any intentional violations will be reported immediately to law enforcement. THRIVE has a zero tolerance policy for abuse.


We believe that a community is built with courage, not with money. Of course money is required to run programs, but we choose to provide valuable programs, and feel that the necessary money will follow. THRIVE will never be a wealthy organization, because we will reinvest any donations back into the community as quickly as possible. Please don’t donate if your budget is tight. Please consider donating time instead. If you do have extra funds, feel free to donate generously knowing that the money will be used efficiently to help this community. Our mindset is to do a lot with a little. Our financials and tax returns will be published. All Board of Directors serve without pay as volunteers.

Hiring, Firing, and Quitting for Volunteers

THRIVE is fully committed to our mission, and uses the generosity of donated time to achieve our mission. We strive to balance the following attributes from volunteers.

  1. Skill and previous experience in the task.
  2. Time available to commit to the task.
  3. Willingness to show up and achieve the task.
  4. Number of qualified applicants

Running like a business helps us create efficient motion and progress. If you feel the desire to help, please reach out in person or via email with requested position or service idea. We will interview you and do our best to plug you into THRIVE in a suitable area. In most positions we ask for a 1 year commitment. If you find that the fit wasn’t right, please follow the below procedure to “pass the torch”.

Passing the Torch – If life happens and you are no longer able or willing to serve. Please give us a 30 day notice. If you know someone who could take your position, please give us that information too. We will contact them and work to ensure a smooth transition. If not, we will post your position and find someone to take your place. We would ask that you help the next volunteer make a smooth transition into your previous role.

Replacement – In some rare cases, it may become necessary to replace a volunteer. We try to avoid this at all costs, and reminders and warnings will be given. But if you miss 3 or more assignments in a row, we will take it as a non-verbal clue that you are done helping and gracefully find a replacement for you. There is no shame in not being able to continue as a volunteer. We hope THRIVE can model graceful transitions and focus on the mission instead of altercations and conflict. Sexual harassment in any form is not tolerated and is grounds for dismissal.