THRIVE is eager to help you organize your own local events to help build local, face-to-face community, and to provide support for people in your area.  For your first local event, we recommend a single-day event.  Some possible steps to organize your own event are as follows:

  • Send an email to and include your name, phone number, and your city.  We will schedule a call with you to discuss best practices.
  • Organize a planning committee.
  • Select a date for the event.
  • Find a location.  An ideal location allows outside food and a capacity of up to 100 or 150 people.
  • Consider selecting local speakers – local mental health professionals can be a great resource.
  • Consider searching for local musical talent.
  • THRIVE can also provide you with a list of potential outside speakers from the broader post-Mormon community that may or may not have additional cost.  Some outside speakers may require travel reimbursement and/or a speaking fee.
  • THRIVE is willing to front upfront planning costs to relieve you of any financial burden/risk.
  • Final step: Work with THRIVE to register your event on the THRIVE website, and to promote your event nationally.